Feedback please...force and motion

I designed this formative for a quick review over a topic the students hadn’t touched on for a couple of years, and I would love some feedback on how it could be improved.

It is based off a virtual PhET simulation, and I embedded some tools into the formative to help them through the activity. We really have been working on communicating results, so all of the questions are short answers as writing has been a big emphasis in our classroom.

Some things I would like improved…I didn’t like the constant need to scroll up and down to view the simulation and then answer questions, so I did embed the simulation about halfway down again to ease that burden. The other issue is with my Edpuzzle that is embedded. It wouldn’t allow student users to log in within the embed window and we had to open an outside tab, login to Edpuzzle and then go back to refresh the formative. Once we did that, the students were able to view and do the Edpuzzle assignment within the formative, but it just didn’t work as smoothly as I would’ve liked. Any suggestions to this or am I missing something?

I’m open to any and all feedback! Thanks!

Force and Motion Formative


Let me start by saying that I love your formative, and with your permision, will be using it in my class.
I too have felt the “pain” of embedding Phet (and other sims) and figuring out that the scrolling is less than ideal. For that reason, I have been teaching my students to open simulations in side by side windows.

I actually do the same for Edpuzzle. I insert the questions as comments and place the actual questions into Formative. I again use the side by side method simply so I will have all responses in one place.

Hope this helps.


Thanks! This is something I modeled on my own screen, and many students ran with it. I hadn’t thought of putting the Edpuzzle questions in the formative, so this definitely helps me keep everything in one place. L


Hmm, it sounds like maybe you’d want the questions to appear to the right of the embedded item (like they do for “Enhance a PDF/Doc”). Does that sound right? To add onto the workaround that @mgarcia provided, something else that can help is if you hyperlink to external resources that you want your students to visit. This is a bit quicker than having them type in a link or paste it into the URL bar!

This is very strange! I am following up with you in private messaging about this!

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!Yes! To the option of having questions to the side of an embedded frame. The ability to manipulate layout I think would make the formative flow according to your needs. In addition to questions to the side, also another embedded tool. For instance, I would’ve loved to be able to put the timer directly next to the PhET sim. It worked out well as it was, but visually and for ease of use, I’d love to be able to manipulate the layout as you mentioned.


I love the visual aspects of your formative. I think the kids will love your formative and be engaged using it. Great job!

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Great work! I love this!

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I love the side by side option here. And I haven’t yet embedded a PhET into Formative. I would love to try this Force and Motion formative in my class.