Feedback - Separated note


I would like give a feedback in function of the competence used in the question.
For instance, the test is about 3 competences :
Questions 1, 3, and 6 : competence 1
Questions 2, 4, 7 : competence 2
Questions 5, 8 : competence 3.
The questions are mixted to stimulate the brain, so the competences are not sections.

I would like give a global note and a note or feedback on every competences, the goal is student could know what he needs work or what competence is acquired or not.
For instance, 14/20 with 100% in competence 1, 70% in competence 2 and 30% in competence 3.

How could i do that ?
Thank you for your help


If I am understanding your question correctly, there is definitely a way for you to share feedback so students have a clear breakdown of their performance for each competence.

  1. Before assigning a Formative, link each question to one of the competencies you mentioned under the “Tag to standards…” section embedded in each question. You can select “Add New Standards Set” to type in your specific competencies as well.

  2. After giving a Formative, if you go to “Tracker” and select “Standards,” you can see the mastery percentage for those areas per student. Then, you can either type the results under “Feedback” when returning the assignment, or take a screenshot of their standard progress (click the student’s name and an organized bar will be located on the right side of your screen) and add that image to their feedback as well.

Hope that helps!