Feedback Strategies


Several of the @Certified_Educators have been researching this topic about feedback and we would be excited to hear your suggestions about it!


I think it’s important to remind the students of their feedback regularly. However, if I set the aims for my students myself, they sometimes don’t accept the feedback and “make it their own”.

I therefore ask them to set their aims themselves and add one point myself.

For that I found an idea in the community: setting aims for a new year:

Some weeks later, I’ll add another question, asking to reflect on their previous aims:

One month later, I’m going to add another question, etc.
Make sure to set the settings to “enable edits after final submission” :wink:


I have loved all the feedback opportunities I have found this year. GoFormative being huge!

One way I have had students interact is have allow them to see the “green and red circles” on their screen after they submit. Once I get a glimpse of our understanding I’ll re-open the assignment and allow them to continue to work, make corrections, and discuss their ideas until they have all green circles. This has improved student talk in my classroom, open discussions about making mistakes, and students taking way more ownership of their learning.


@michael.lutz I love this idea of having a “running” formative throughout the year for students to self-reflect upon their goals. Since the responses are recorded by question, I could see this producing group and 1-1 discussions throughout the school year!

@kquinn I met with @kjohnson recently and heard that she does something similar. It’s awesome that students are receptive to seeing their progress within Formative and that you are using it to help create a strong classroom culture! Bravo!