Feedback wanted - Intro to Writing Equations for Parallel Lines

I tried something new this year when I was introducing the concept of writing equations for lines parallel to a given line through a specific point. Please check out my Formative and give my feedback on 1) do you think my assignment met my goal, and 2) how can I make it even better for next year? :slight_smile: I’ve included the sharing link so you can keep a copy for yourself you like it.

My students seemed to get a ‘deer in the headlight’ look whenever I started talking about Point-Slope Formula, so I decided to use Formative ( as an introductory lesson. My goal was to help students ‘see’ that parallel lines really do have the same slope, while at the same time having an ‘answer key’ already in place when I segued back into the Point-Slope Formula. (Segue: By graphing the given data first, students can write the Slope-Intercept equation for the new line and that form becomes the ‘answer key.’ Then I could teach the Point-Slope formula and manipulate it back into Slope-Intercept Form to prove that the formula works.

@Math_Educators hanks in advance for any feedback!


If you’re not a ‘math’ person, I’d love to have you check out my Formative and give me feedback. Does it make sense to you? Are the directions easy to understand? What would I need to change to make the lesson better for you?

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