Feeling Formative: A Podcast About Members of Our Community and The Awesome Ways They Use Formative

“Feeling Formative: A Podcast About Members of Our Community and The Awesome Ways They Use Formative”

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I love a good conversation. I also enjoy a good webinar like the amazing ones that have been posted in our community and as part of our recent #FormativeSummit. So whether I’m driving to work, on the stationary bike, or vacuuming the floor, I usually have my headphones on getting my Formative groove on. I also enjoy myself a good podcast and enjoy a good listen on a walk or sitting on the deck. I have also been fortunate to have been featured in a few podcasts and have loved that experience as well. So I pitched the idea of starting up a podcast called “Feeling Formative”.

I visit our community on a regular basis and I get inspired and impressed by the quality of educators that contribute their thoughts and suggestions. I am also a regular participant on the weekly #formativechat and it has been a staple of professional development. You (the members of our community) have so much talent, advice, and knowledge out there about Formative and teaching in general. I would love to showcase that in our podcast, help everyone learn valuable new ideas, and share our learning with the world.

I know I will grow from this experience and so will many that tune in like I do and get that Formative Feeling. I’m also hoping that these podcasts will be a catalyst in our community and social media for further discussion, feedback, and reflection. So in summary, I’m excited about having some great conversations with passionate educators and providing a podcast people can enjoy over a cup of coffee and add to the conversation. New podcasts will appear in this topic with some follow up conversation starters and they’ll be shared on social media as well.

Here is our pilot podcast featuring my good friend and your’s…Mr. David Kwan:

Follow Up Questions After Listening:

  1. What’s a question you would have liked David address?
  2. What is your take on the Formative community?
  3. What has been your best experience with Formative?

Are you feeling formative? Stay tuned for our next podcast. Thanks



David Kwan rocks!! Just a great guy and super supportive!


Agreed :+1::+1: Thanks for your comment … any feedback on the podcast?

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Enjoyed the inaugural Feeling Formative podcast. Looking forward to finding ways to use the audiobresponse @david mentioned.


Awesome. Thanks for listening. Appreciate the feedback (most welcomed for sure). :+1:

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@new_members @informed_members @Certified_Educators

Feeling Formative : A Podcast About Members of Our Community and The Awesome Ways They Use Formative

Episode 2 - Featuring @kbaker

Check out the great conversation I had with Kate as we talked about formative assessment, flipped learning, go formative tips, relationship building and more…

You can also connect with Kate on Twitter @KtBkr4 and read about her teaching techniques on her blog, Baker’s BYOD (http://kbakerbyodlit.blogspot.com ).

Follow Up Questions After Listening

  1. How has formative assessment made a difference in your classroom or professional development?
  2. What experiences or questions do you have on flipped learning?
  3. What’s your Go Formative go-to?

Thanks @kbaker for the great conversation. Looking forward to our next Feeling Formative podcast.



I loved listening to this episode! It was great to learn more about @kbaker , her approach to formative assessment, and how relationship building is at the heart of her classroom. In particular, I really love how she help students shift the language they use to remind themselves of the value of learning and remain patient with themselves as they go through the up’s & downs of the learning process (ex: referring to themselves as “authors” instead of “students”).

Formative assessment was a very important part of my classroom. As a special educator in a co-taught classroom, I used it as a way to not only communicate with my students about their needs, but also as the foundation of how I collaborated with my co-teachers. With the insights we gathered from formatives, we were able how to structure instruction and support individual paces of learning.

I never tried flipped learning in my classroom, but am intrigued by it. Given the amount of in-class time that flipped learning frees up, I’d love to hear how educators are using it! I am also interested in learning how educators are gathering formative data based on flipped assignments and using it to inform/adjust what happens in the classroom.

I have a bunch (Show Your Work, Audio Response, immediate feedback)! I think thenew ability to copy resources from Google Drive is really awesome too since it opens up a lot of new possibilities for creating formatives.

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