Firewall / whitelisting

Hi there,

Could you tell me if there are any urls we need to whitelist to make sure has zero issues with our school district’s content filter / firewall?

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Hey Darrell,

Great question. Currently, these are the sites you may need to whitelist. Please note, these are subject to change as we update our site: (this step may not be necessary, but squarespace houses and it at least needs to not be blocked.)

Also websockets need not to be blocked. Users can test here:


Thank you, david.

Much appreciated. Might be useful to pin this and update the sites as needed as you change and grow.


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Youtube videos are restricted. I inserted a video with questions. Students could not play the video. I had to switch gears so fast with 34 students in front of me and the program not working properly. Customer Service wont even respond back in a timely manner.

Hey Tamika,

Welcome to the Community! I do apologize that we’re a bit overwhelmed right now with support messages. I know we spoke but just for anyone else having this issue, I believe in this case it was a network restriction as I was able to play the video. The best way to reach us to use the chat button or to email


You can now find the sites to whitelist along with other technical information within our FAQs page. It also makes for a handy reference. Hope this helps!