First Formative: Appsmash with PollEverywhere

I am sharing my first formative and also my first appsmash. I am very familiar with PollEverywhere and have used it in my classes for quick polling and since I am seeing so many embeddable(?) applications/applets, I thought I’d experiment with it. And this is also my first attempt at iframe-generators (which I just learned from this community about a week ago!).

The end result? Well, it does work! I still have to figure out the logistics of how/why I would use it but it seems like it will save me some time if I decide to just embed the questions on Formative over creating a new Formative from scratch.

If you have any other ideas, let me know!


I haven’t seen PollyEveryWhere embedded in Formative and this sounds like a great “ingredient” for Formative cuisine :ok_hand: :plate_with_cutlery:

I see a huge benefit in embedding it because PollEveryWhere gives you some great summary statistics (ex: what were the most common responses?). I could see embedding it at the beginning of the formative and then creating a variety of different Formative questions for students to respond to based on the data. For example, you could poll students on their preferences and tie it to class content (ex: We’ve studied the following climates…which would you prefer to live in the most?), project the summary statistics, and then respond to the formative questions to reflect on the class data (ex: I think that most people chose this climate because…).

An idea that would work across all subjects would be to poll students on topics they’d like to learn next and then based on the patterns that are shown by PollEverywhere, the students could then respond to Formative questions and individually share questions or aspects of the topic that they’d like to explore. While I don’t think you’d necessarily need to embed PollyEverywhere within Formative to use them together, I think it does make it easier for students to access different tools and mentally connect learning experiences.

I’d love to hear other ideas that people have for using these Formative and Poll Everywhere together!

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