Flipgrid Integration

I am FINALLY going to explore Flipgrid for Adult Education. I would love to hear how any of you (no matter the grade) are using it in your classroom and/or integrating it into Formatives or HyperDocs!!

thank you!!!


I teach middle school science, and use Flipgrid embedded into Formatives a lot.

  1. When interacting with simulations (like Gizmos and Phet), any time I ask students to predict outcomes. Before, kids would erase their original predictions and “re-predict” based on results. With Flipgrid they can reply to themselves adding a second layer of thinking.

  2. As a place to answer questions about phenomena and essential questions.

  3. As exit tickets to gather thoughts about a lesson/activity/etc.


I like all of your ideas on how to use Flipgrid in Formatives when students are completing tasks in science. Thanks for sharing!

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I just learnt about Flipgrid and I think it is gerat. It will obviously take some time to excel in it.