Flipgrid not working in Formative on Ipads

Hello. Last year I used Flipgrid in Formatives with our Ipads seamlessly and it was no problem. Students would be asked to go to the app and would record. Now, the Ipad does not ask them. I could embed the Flipgrid for them to see, but they cannot hit and be prompted to go to the app. Has something happened with the IOS update recently? Thank you for any insight.

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Hey Lisa, sorry about that. Do you have the clone code/link for the formative so we can test it on an iPad?

Here is one that has Flipgrid embedded into the formative. We have an app for Flipgrid on the I-pads. It is not moving them directly to it for some reason.

Thanks, were just wanting students to click on the embedded Flipgrid card to be directly taken to the Flipgrid app? We’ve seen that Flipgrid has a preview card that you can embed as opposed to embedding the full interactive grid. Have you tried that?

We’ll test this on an iPad as soon as possible too!

Hi Lisa, upon further investigation, it appears that there is an issue with this particular grid. When you tried to click on the “+” to record within Chrome on a laptop, it went to a blank page. It was the same when we visited the actual link for it. We tested with another grid and recording within it worked. It’d be great if you can reach out to them for support with this.

Actually, we may have spoken to soon. We were able to create a recording, but then when we went to submit it, it wouldn’t let us click on the button to submit the response:

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Is this happening for other grids that you embed into Formative?