Flipped Classroom for Vertex Form of a Quadratic

Here is a formative (clone https://goformative.com/clone/UGULUK that I am planning on using as a flipped classroom.

Students will go through the guided activity and take notes that they deem important. The next day in class we will discuss each of the concepts.
My goal, as always with flipped lessons is for the students to have exposure before class so that our discussion can go further.

I have some answers as automatic and some as short response. With the anonymity feature, I can display observations on the board and discuss the different answers.

I am wondering if there are any thinking points that I have forgotten? Should I be looking for other responses from the students?



Are there any @Math_Educators out there who can take a look at this formative and share what they usually like students to understand before deep diving into this concept as a class?

Its very well thought out @enapolitano. I like how you lead them through a discovery activity. I tried to take off my math teacher hat and think as a student for a minute. The wording on question 15 and similar questions tricks me up a bit. I’d suggest saying something like: when x = 2, f(x) = 4. So it has the point (2,4). How does that change when you evaluate g(x) at x=2?

As a teacher I know what the ‘a’ is you are referring to in question 17. Have you previously established ‘a’ in your classes? I didn’t see it mentioned on the formative and might lead to confusion if you have not already talked about it.

Question 19 feels a bit leading, maybe rephrase it to something like “what did you notice about g(x)” then allow other answers like flipped or flip or reflect. And I’d suggest making question 20 a 2-option multiple choice.

Looks great for a flipped lesson though! Do you mind if I use it in the future? We might touch on this in geometry some too

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@albertbryant Thank you for the feedback! I like your suggestions, and I will make those changes as time allows!
Yes, you may use this formative. Reinventing the wheel is not necessary, when collaborative efforts are in place. I would love to see more formatives for higher level maths.
I did not talk about “a” before. I was adding it in as what happens when something is multiplied to the function. I then talked about “a” the next day when we went over the material. That section was the hardest for them they said. They did not get it. I think that when I have time, I will record myself talking about the concept.

The students reflected on the activity (the first of the year for Alg 2) and said that it was challenging, and forced them to not be passive. They were actually really happy with themselves and how much they were able to understand and accomplish!