Flocabulary and Formative

I was wondering if anyone uses Flocabulary (educational hip-hop songs and learning activities)) with Formative. If so, would you be up for sharing how you use them together?


I showed the colonial America video (http://colonialamerica.thinkport.org/build-your-settlement.html) and the kids were really into it! We then began filling in our map of the colonies. This video allowed the students to understand the different geographical groups prior to learning.

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Thanks for the response, Andrew! I clicked on the link, but didn’t see a video. Is it from Flocabulary?

Oops! Wrong link. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do4Ryapg3eU

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Thanks for sharing this, Andrew! I can see why people refer to these instructional videos as the school house rock of the 21st century. They would be great to add to Formative so that students can share their thinking about them.

Great idea! We should try that.

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