Font Size and Editing Text

Is there any way for students to change the size of their font in the Show Your Work option?
Also, is formative working on students being able to edit their text in Show Your Work rather than erasing and re-typing if they make a small mistake?


Different font sizes is a great idea and definitely something we are considering. And yes, we do plan on making it so that you can click back into a text area to edit your writing on the canvas :slight_smile: We appreciate the feedback and record every piece we get!

While there are many factors that influence what we develop and when, we want definitely want to give you an idea of what other teachers are asking for! We are looking into the idea of having a public-facing board where you can vote for your top features each month and discuss them as well. We also work with our Certified Educators to further inform what we design! Here’s a post I made with a bit more detail in case you are interested:


@kelly.r.gilbert You can now change the size of the font for Show Your Work questions!


Did this feature disappear?

You can change the font size using the line thickness:
Screenshot from 2020-11-13 22-07-28