Formative and Office 365/OneNote

I see that many of you use Formative with Google. My school uses Office 365. Has any one used Formative with OneNote, OneDrive and/or Microsoft Forms?


I am one of those Google users you mention. However, as long as Microsoft products allow you to share and/or publish publicly in some way, you can embed them on Formative. If they give you embeddable iframes you would use those in Formative. If they don’t, but the settings are publicly viewable, you could generate the embed codes for them using an iFrame code generator.

The example below has the only thing I have ever created on Sway. I got the embed code by opening it and clicking share. Not the most beautiful thing or even useful as a Formative, but you get the idea.


Thank you! I will try and get back to the group with info. Appreciate the alternatives.

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