Formative as a digital lab report?

I was wondering if anyone had some science lab implementation ideas in regard to documenting lab results with images. I would like to use formatives to have students submit photos and audio recordings of real-time lab results, “ahas!”, or other lab data. I think this would be a great way to collaborate and come to group consensus through class dialogue.

I am thinking I would just create generic questions stems and maybe use “show your work” option and have them insert an image to share from their lab. I would love if we could make that insertion smooth or maybe even add video footage.



TBH I would use something like Seesaw or Google sites to do that and embed my formatives as activities for them to use as checkpoints and showing their understanding


I just saw this trick from @niko in a different thread

I have done what you mention for lab reports and/or documenting lab activities, with students taking a picture on their phones and uploading them in show your work, usually requiring also some type of text explanation added to the image.

For video, I have used embedded Flipgrids so that I have those videos all in one place.


Would that

help you, @Laura_Goracke?


Thanks, @michael.lutz! This is what I was thinking, and I liked seeing it in action. I just love the idea of having them document their lab as we go as we all know that we miss things as we move around to check things out. Thanks for the share!!!

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I like the idea of keeping track of what you are doing as you are completing the lab. I am going to try this!

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That method would be great for recording data as well…especially for those students who seem to lose their materials.

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