Formative Contact Information

Hello wonderful teachers,

Thank you for choosing Formative. We hope you are off to an excellent school year!

I’d like to share the best ways to contact our departments at Formative, so you can get the answers you need quickly!

Product Support/Technology Problems:

On your page, choose the “?” and at the bottom, click “Contact Formative Support”

General Questions:

Check out the help desk articles, especially if you are a new user. There are articles on every functionality Formative has to offer. Still have a question, contact Customer Support (see above)


Need a quote for a small team, school, or district?



The link for “Contact Formative Support” is not working.

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Hi @Stephanie_Smith1, do you happen to be running an ad and or popup blocker? That “Contact Formative Support” button opens Intercom, but Intercom is usually blocked by ad blockers.

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@chris1 I was having the same problem, disabling my AdBlocker did the trick! Thanks for the info. I will be sure to utilize this feature in the future!

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I have tried allowing ads and pop ups. Nothing happens when I click the “Contact Formative Support” button. Is there another way I can contact them? My school will no longer support “log in with Google” so I need to get my settings changes so I don’t lose access to the YEARS of formatives I have created. Thank you.

I have also allowed pop ups and ad block. I cannot contact support. This is my question…I have the premium account. However, when I want to add a correct response that would automatically mark the response correct for other students, I am not given that option. Is there currently a glitch? Thank you