Formative for PD sessions

HI All!

Here is a formative that Crystal Kirch and I made to use during our ISTE17 session, “Come with Flipping Questions, Get your Flipping Answers.”

Come with Flipping Questions #ISTE17
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We showcased the Explore-Flip-Apply model of Flipped Learning by having session attendees participate via the Formative. I was also mindful of the visual design of the formative matching our session slides, so I used Google Draw to create the banner images for each section of the Formative.

Using Formative to capture PD session responses worked really well, and I wonder if anyone else has used Formative as a professional development tool during a PD session. I’d love to talk about the instructional design.

I also wonder how Formatives can be used to support professional development beyond the session: how can we use Formative for asynchronous professional development experiences?

I look forward to the conversation!


I love the “Explore-Flip-Apply” approach that you took here with this presentation. I think that it gives the learners (in this case, teachers) the opportunity to learn about Flipped Learning in a variety of ways and allows them to experience what it might be like for their own students to take the same approach towards learning. I am honored that I was able to see this session in person!

@d.vendramin also shared this awesome “PD session” formative that I encourage you to check out as well!