Formative Level II certification-Tip

I am currently a math teacher at a virtual school and have found the show your work feature to be SO helpful with identifying student misconceptions. One struggle a lot of the students have with using the tools in the show your work area to write on the screen. If students are having trouble with using the tools, I let them upload a picture of their work from their notebooks. They just click on the picture icon and click “take a photo”. It saves on so much frustration on the student’s end when we discovered I could have them do this.

I love this tip. It makes it great for the teacher to have the answers and their work in one place.

I agree! I love this feature. I also make my life easier by taking a screenshot of other student’s work and then pasting that as feedback for the students who got the question wrong. So I’ll highlight them all and then paste a great example. My students seem to really like that kind of precise feedback.

I also used show your work in my Math formative but haven’t thought about uploading photos of students’ work. Thanks for the tip!