Formative Organization

Hi everyone, I am new to this community (Woohoo!) and have been using Formative for almost 6 months I guess. I really hadn’t even thought about it before somehow, but right now I just have a big long list of my Formatives. What ways do you all organize folders of your activities? Obviously it’s somewhat personal preferences, but do you do it by quarter, subject, type of formative…


Hi Emily. I was in your Meet today. :slight_smile: I use folders within folders. I have a folder for each ‘subject’ I teach. For example, I have an “Algebra 1 Sem 1” folder and an “Algebra 1 Sem 2” folder. Within each folder I have subfolders for units and learning targets. I have even added a ‘Done and Closed’ folder, so that I can move assignments and folders into it as we move on the curriculum. This keeps me from having to scroll through hundreds of assignments to find the one I’m on now. I also keep myself organized within a folder by labeling each assignment as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc so that they appear in a logical teaching order instead of ABC by title. Another advantage of labeling each assignment is that students can CTRL+F and search for that mini label so they can find the assignment quickly without me having to post/email a direct link each time.


Much like @tricia.mintner I use folders within folders. I have a big folder for each of the grade levels I teach with folders by topic, sometimes with folders in them. Whenever I clone a formative I immediately add it to the folder it goes to or to an “explore” formative if it is the idea that I liked, rather than the formative itself.