Formative Podcast: Learn How Certified Educator Danielle Moore Uses Formative!

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Formative Certified Educator @Danielle_Moore recently sat down with the MyTechToolbelt podcast team to talk about how she discovered Formative and how her use of it has evolved over the past three years! I just finished listening to it and it was awesome to learn about how she’s using our platform to enrich class discussions, differentiate learning activities, and appsmash! One of my favorite parts was how she talked about her philosophy of emphasizing in-class feedback over grading homework and how she spends her energy ensuring that each student gets personal feedback from her every day :slight_smile: Later on in the podcast, Formative Co-Founder @craigfromformative also shares the amazing Formative origin story as well!

I highly encourage everyone to listen to it below!


Can’t wait to listen to this! Woot Woot, @Danielle_Moore!


Great to hear your story @Danielle_Moore , especially your original idea of what you wanted to study and your love of Spanish :slight_smile: Hearing how you got started with Formative, and totally agree that it changes how we assess our students. So easy to get started with, the data we get from it, so awesome. I really like your explanation of how beneficial it is to use Formative, students can look at the feedback, not just recycle a paper… We can give meaningful feedback that students are more responsive to ( appreciate the La Tomatina lesson too).
Playlist, embedded Flipgrid & EDPuzzle, total app smashing & so interactive. Woo-hoo :smile:
Hearing from @craigfromformative & yes, it is remarkably simple to get started with, one of the many things I love about it! the growth tracker is so helpful. Thanks @david & @craigfromformative for all you do to help educators and students!