Formative, Seesaw, & Standards-Based Grading

I’m a math teacher who is using standards-based grading and wanted to simplify assessment grading as well as improve students’ progress monitoring. My school is currently using Formative but not the paid version, and we will be paying for premium features of Seesaw starting next year. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for tracking mastery for both myself and for the students to monitor their progress of the standards on Formative, Seesaw, or using a combination of the two. Thanks in advance.


@allane I’ve never used Seesaw, but I’ve used Formative for 3 years now. I teach Algebra 1 to most struggling students. (2 out 3 are NOT prepared for my required Freshman course.) If you tag your Formative questions with the standards, you can use the tracker to give you color-coded details about student mastery in each standard. image

I created a Self-Pacing Chart that I use with my students so they can ‘see’ their progress through the term/semester. I grouped my standards by ‘strands’ and then made Formatives that build within the strand. Students start at the easiest level and move through a strand until they reach problems similar to those on the test. We use unit tests, but the grades are broken down by concept (Learning Target) in our grade book. On the pacing chart, the individual LT tests are included so students can see how ‘ready’ they are for the test as they check off or color in the boxes. Students also highlight the test box as they score 70% or better. As we approach the Midterm exam, students can ‘see’ how strong they are going into the test and areas they need to study. (More details here: Reflecting on Formative Assessment - #4 by tricia.mintner) The link also shows how I plan to track that mastery without losing my mind! :laughing: Students will have a hard copy and a digital copy in Formative, I will be able to see an entire class’ progress within Formative on the student responses page.

NOTE: We give the unit test (2-4 learning targets) so students have experience with longer tests. However, retesting is done 1 learning target at a time. This helps the student focus as well as reduce the time for grading.

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