Formative Think Sheet

Saw this in The Growth Mindset Coach by Brock and Hundley and thought it would a great Formative to help understand where students are at and build relationships.


I like how this helps the students think about their thinking and be a part of brainstorming why their learning is relevant, how to improve it, and what to do if they don’t quite understand the concepts yet.

This would make a great exit slip and give some good insights on what to re-teach before testing.

My students tend to do better with shorter formatives if they are being used on a regular basis.
What 3-4 questions would you prioritize?


I think I’d go with …

  1. I understand …
  2. I’m still wondering …
  3. If I don’t grasp a concept, I can …
    Reason behind want to know what they are confident with, wondering means still unsure of, and then what’s their action plan to get the help they need to understand the concept. Get them to reflect, engage, and own their learning. Thanks for feedback and glad you found it interesting.

I like this as a way to quickly check for understanding. It would be great to tag as a standard and then you could see growth if you use those same three questions many times throughout a unit.

I came across another resource from a teacher similar in a way, but it is a bit more of a spiral review focus. I created a formative to try with my 8th graders.


I had not thought of doing this in formative, but now I am …
On the back of my room hangs a poster that Ss know to use as an exit ticket w/post-its:

I like your 3rd option better since they then have to think about an action plan, and “not just tell me they did not get it”


Thank you so much for sharing this. I think I can use this with students and on parent night to get information parents are needing to know but may not reach out to me to ask.