Formative Tip - Corrections

Have students do corrections on Formative. I have them describe their errors and correct their mistakes in the comments. Then they can refer back to their mistakes and the corrections prior to the final exam.

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Love it! Genius way to get students critically thinking about their work!


My name is Baily Dizdar. I used to be in the education technology department and have moved over to science curriculum. I have had a few teachers reach out to me about a “corrections mode” in GoFormative.

The idea is that in correction mode, the students could see the “red” items they answered incorrectly, and when they went in to make changes, the question would turn “blue” to indicate to teacher and student that the new answer choice had been chose. This would aid students in making better connections instead of their current route, which is to continue to click until they saw the “green” light.

Is there already a plan in place for this type of mode and/or what are you thoughts about implementing this feature?