Formative Tips & Tricks Pt. 5

Happy Monday Formative Community!

I am so excited to announce that I will be hosting the Tips & Tricks session this week with Kelly Allgood!! @kallgood is joining me this Wednesday, January 24 at 1:00pmPST/4:00pmEST all the way from Australia!! We will be live on via Google Hangout on Air and would love some company :wink:

If you would like to be a guest on the Hangout on Air, please just message me (Nicole) in the Community Center and I will send you an invitation. You can also check out the session live or later here: Formative Tips & Tricks Pt. 5 - YouTube.

We can’t wait to hear what you think of the session! See you all soon :smile:


I won’t be joining live but am going to watch it later. I’ll send the warmest greetings to Australia!


Thanks Michael!! Let us know what you think :slight_smile:


My colleague and I am watching. We are presenting Goformative to our school district’s teachers next Wednesday.


I had so much fun! Nicole, you are amazing to present with, you have so much energy and enthusiasm!


Thank you so much for being willing to host with me Kelly! I feel exactly the same way…and you taught me something really cool today with the color thresholds and feedback :grinning: Can’t wait til the next time!!


Awesome Randal!

Thanks so much for watching! And for presenting Formative to your district’s teachers next Wednesday :smile:

Did you request Swag for your presentation? Let me know if there is anything I can help with as far as your presentation is concerned too!

Thanks again for tuning in @Randal_Belisle!



Thank you Kelly @kallgood, well done!

@nicole I really love the product update section!


@michael.lutz Thank you!!! I am so glad you like the product update section!!! And Kelly did a fantastic job…I’m always in awe how innovative our educators are :smile:

Thanks again for tuning in and for your feedback Michael!!


I love your enthusiasm Kelly! I use color coding as a form of feedback to the students as well.

I set each problem as 1 or 10 pt so I can color code my feedback as well. Red means that the computer has graded it and the answer doesn’t match the keyed answers exactly. I toggle the score to 0.3 or 3 to code it orange… wrong, but feedback was given. Yellow (0.5 or 5) means they are on the right track, but they need to tweak their answer a bit to get it to green. My green range usually runs 0.7 or 7 up to 1 or 10. Students feel good as long as the bubble turns green. :slight_smile:

My students don’t like seeing red and they are quick to let me know if their problems have been on red too long. Once I see it, I change it to orange or yellow, and they work hard to get it to green. If I’m giving live feedback during a work session, I will call out something like, “Feedback is done on #4.” So students know to check (and possibly refresh their screens) to view the feedback. It’s exciting (and frustrating at times) when students hare hollering at me to grade problem #X. I love that they want to change their answers to get more points. The color-coding helps them know how close to ‘on track’ they were from the start.

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