Formative Tips & Tricks Pt. 9 with Andrew MacLean

Happy Presidents Day Formative Community!

I am excited to announce another amazing Formative Tips & Tricks with co-host @Andrew_MacLean! We can’t wait to show you more amazing ways to use Formative in your classroom…and keep you up-to-date on the latest updates!

Be sure to join us this Wednesday, February 21 at 3:00pmPST/6:00pmPST live or later here: Formative Tips & Tricks Pt. 9 with co-host Andrew MacLean - YouTube. You can also join the Hangout on Air as a guest by responding to this thread directly, or by messaging Nicole in the Community :smile:

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!! :sunny:


@nicole @Andrew_MacLean ! I just got finished watching your presentation! I love how you are embedding Tinker CAD into Formative to help your students practice building circuits! I also really like how you are having them upload screenshots of what they create and reflect on their learning! Nice work all around :grinning:

:sweat: Sorry for taking a bit to post this but here is the clone code for the Circuits Formative!