Formative to the rescue!

Today I had one of those moments that made me love Formative even more. My students were working on a Formative that I had created late the other night and figured out that I had made a mistake, duplicating an embedded item that made no sense with the question that followed. While the students were already on it, and because I had set it to edit after submissions, I was able to edit it in real time, asked them to refresh the page and voila problem solved.
Thank you, Formative for allowing me to seamlessly correct the issue and continue with the lesson. :):grin:


I’ve had to do this several times this past year. I’ve created so many new Formatives, that I got into the habit of telling students that they are ‘piloting’ the Formative for me and to let me know if they find any errors that need to be fixed. It’s amazing how much math they do in order to find one of my mistakes. :slight_smile: I especially like it when a student finds a new way to write a correct answer. I love praising them for finding another answer and I add it to the key.