Formatives and Khan Academy?

Hello! I’ve been using Khan Academy to front-load grammar instruction and have some formatives built to go along with it, but I’m finding they takes a LONG time to grade and I end up avoiding it. I want kids to PRACTICE grammar by using the information, but I need help in getting that balance of doing the work and what I can grade. Do any of you ELA teachers (or anyone else that uses Khan with instruction) have advice or tips?

I want kids to do more than the multiple choice, but I can’t grade 20 sentences x 100 kids in a timely manner.


Don’t use Khan or teach ELA, but I’ve found that to ease the grading buden for those short/essay answers, the “allow partial answer” works. I input the two or three word construction or the vocabulary word I expect (you can have several phrases there, each as their own answer) and then just look at those marked as incorrect to update/change the score as needed.
Some caveats:
You cannot change an autograde grade from correct to incorrect if it was already graded (it matches one of the partial answers)
If you put in a space or comma or whatever in your answer, it will need to match exactly to be graded as correct. So for example if you are looking for the word student, “student.” is different than "student " or “student,” so this would give an incorrect that has to be manually graded.