Formatives for telling time?

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I will be starting a lesson on telling time in my 7th grade French 1 class in a few weeks. I have put together a few formatives, but being that I am relatively new to this, I would love to see any formatives this community has already created.

Does anyone have a formative, or any formatives about telling time they would like to share with me? They can be in any language, and for any grade level, I would love to get some ideas!! :grinning:



Hi Jasper!

I teach Spanish and my Telling Time lesson is approaching as well. I am sharing a formative I use as an end of lesson assessment with my students in Spanish 1. Please let me know what you think and feel free to modify, and use this formative with your students too!

¿Qué hora es?
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Hello, I teach French, and I also use videos and pictures with questions.


@lumos.nicole My sincere apologies for the delay. Your formative looks great and I can definitely make something like this for my French class. I like all the different ways you assess telling time including asking students to represent it on a clock and also draw scenes depicting them. Very creative!

@faiza.berradagouzi That’s awesome to hear! I’d love to see any examples you have as well :slight_smile:


I teach Spanish too! I would love to collaborate


Hey @Danielle_Moore…as a former Spanish teacher, I would love to give you some ideas and collaborate with you on some formatives! What will you be covering when you return from break? What type of formatives are you working on, or in need of? If I don’t have it, I can create it…or we could create some together :wink:


Awesome Nicole! After the break, my 7th graders will be working on likes, dislikes, and infinitives. My 8th graders are working on plural adjectives and adjective agreement and SER. Right now i’m just pulling resources so if you have anything id love to check it out!


Here is one I use with my French I students:
Hope it helps!

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