Fraction Pre-Test (3rd Grade)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share an example of a math formative that I made as a pre-test for my students. It covers the majority of the third grade fraction standards in math. Additionally, it uses a mixture of visuals and images, as well as question types (multiple choice, drawing canvas, etc).

While pre-tests such as this one aren’t easy to use the self-grading feature with, they provide valuable information about the knowledge base that the students are beginning the unit with. I’m able to divide them into various groups based on the results, and differentiate instruction accordingly.

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Thanks for sharing, Brent! We gave you a shoutout on Twitter. Do you use a formative every day to flex group or are you using the pre-test to group students at the start of a unit. Would love to hear more about what your math classroom looks like! Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge!

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Hi Angela,

While I don’t use a Formative each day with my groups, I do use some form of quick, often digital, assessment to determine my groupings for the following day. Formative is by far one of the best, though, due to the insight that it provides about the students’ thinking.

My math block is split into three stages, in which I meet with a different group during each of the stages. The groups are predetermined based upon the formative assessment from the previous day or night before. While I am working with my small group, other groups of students are rotating through independent practice, extension games, or various games based on student need.

Hopefully this helps a bit. I’m happy to share more, just let me know!

Thanks for reaching out!

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Just re-tweeted you! Thanks again!

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This is a great example of a pre-assessment. I like that you added a question that prompted them to draw an example . I have my students show their work on paper, but I was going to try something different on my next one. For example, the numberline is tricky for my fourth graders. I would love for them to show me how they found the fraction by drawing it. I think I would duplicate the picture of the number line into a “Show Your Work” and have them show their work there. Or maybe they could record their thinking.

Thanks for sharing. I love examples that I can build on! Sometimes my own creative juices don’t flow!

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This is great Brent! I use formatives for pre-assessment data as well - really helps me to make groups (especially tagging the standards to pinpoint skills/standards that might need more support).

I also really like the updated math block that you can add to questions for creating fractions!

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Hey Brent! I love this fraction formative! I like that you’ve included questions that cover the various standards that third graders need to learn with fractions as well as different types of questioning. Will definitely be using this when we hit fractions this year.

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