French Novels - le Petit Nicolas comprehension activities

Hello everyone. If you are interested in any reading comprehension formatives to accompany this novel, I’ve started a folder here and I will keep adding to it as I go! I created the vocabulary sets (Quizlet) myself, so you can access them and copy them as you’d like. Merci!


@kstroud thank you so much for sharing this awesome collection of formatives! I have started to explore them and I really love how you are using Quizlet to help students review vocabulary prior to answering the reading comprehension questions. I am tagging @WorldLanguages_Eds to encourage them to check it out too! Our World Language Educators group is still really small, but will continue to grow!


@david Thank you so much! I am looking forward to creating more Formatives for novels that we use. Thank you for linking to the @WorldLanguages_Eds group - I just joined and am excited to learn from my peers.

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Thanks for sharing. I have been making stories for my novice learners that have lots of repetition and high frequency vocabulary. I am going to share these with a colleague. I know she will love them!

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