Future suggestions and improvements for goformative

Some weeks ago, I spent some hours in writing down suggestions, improvements and ideas for goformative. Last week I took a 60min user testing on https://calendly.com/formative and was able to present my ideas.

How about adding a new category called “suggestions” where the whole community could contribute? The amount of hearts an idea gets, would show how important or desirable that feature would be.


That’s a great idea that we may explore in the future! For now we use separate software for tracking feedback, which allows us to capture every piece from different channels (ex: user testing sessions, things that people mention in community center topics, our chats with you on the Formative dashboard, Twitter), prioritize feature requests based on the number of unique teachers who are requesting them, and use the specific ideas shared to inform their design. We are also considering making a public facing board that would allow you to post features, vote for their favorites, and see how popular they are. I will definitely follow up with you as we look into the logistics of this like how the feedback will integrate with our current software.

In addition to chatting with users 1-1, we also want to consistently connect with groups of educators who have demonstrated their passion for collaborating in an online setting and can commit to working with one another in different settings (ex: regular google hangouts, quick sneak peek topics). This is a major component of our Formative Certified Educator program, which you may apply to after earning all Level 1 and Level 2 achievement badges. Here’s where you can read more about that program and here’s where you can track the badges you earn!

Thanks for the great feedback about the community!