Gamification and GoFormative?

I was wondering how people are using Formative and gamification in the classroom. In the past, I’ve used google forms for breakout edu and clue. Any ideas or helpful tips?


I was just reminded of @krupsch 's idea of using the Scavenger Hunt app, Goose Chase to structure an academic scavenger hunt for students to engage in and using Formative to assess student progress along the way. Here’s a short post I wrote about it (a while back):


In my gamified classroom, students often complete formatives for XP, which then may drop other formatives that include side quests. I also like to embed easter eggs in a formative (or a resource embedded in a formative). While in a formative, I’ll add a link as an EE, and although it appears as blue text I do not mention the need to click on it. I also will embed clickable images which again have EE or side quests in them.

Another way I use formative within my gamified environment is by awarding badges for mastery of a standard (which is easy to track by using their tracking feature), or by achieving a particular score on a series of formatives. These are usually leveled badges. I keep track of all of this on a Google spreadsheet I created which grants the badges automatically as I input scores.


I love this idea! I’ve done something similar in the past.
How do you show off the badges to the students/class?
Are there any rewards/privileges that come with earning them?


The badges are shown on our class page 8th grade example, but you can also click on the other grade levels to see those. The badges do not come with perks, but the ranks do. If you click on the individual ranks at the top you can see what privilege is obtained and the points needed for each.

In the past, I have toyed with adding items, but after many conversations with some master gamifiers these will probably take the form of physical cards (summer project).


Thanks for sharing @mgarcia !


I use Classcraft for gamification and create assignments using Quests in Google Classroom. I often use Formative to create extra practice for students so that they can practice independently.

Classcraft is great!!

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I ended my school year with the desire to gamify my classroom next year. Last year I had 1 out of 3 students ready for Algebra 1 and I anticipate only 1 out of 4 being ready for my class this coming year. I wanted to make sure I had something in place to keep kids motivated to work in their ‘most hated’ subject. I am in the process of adapting @mgarcia’s Sheets to fit my own class categories. My students will be awarded XP for daily work in Formative, test scores (paper versions), as well as class activities and games. I have re-vamped her Sheets to that each Learning Target is it’s own tab (tests and daily points are recorded there) so I can hide tabs as we progress through the school year. I have edited the formulas on the Leaderboard to pull data from across ALL the tabs so I minimize the amount of manual entries. (Time is my worst enemy.) In addition to her Badge system I have added a Mastery tab (with number badges) that will automatically be rewarded as data is pulled from each LT tab. (We have a mastery-based learning system and I hope the badges will encourage students to retest more often than they have in the past.) I have also edited her Blog badges to allow for XP multipliers to be earned as they master LT. I have the multiplier badges set to award automatically, but I have allowed for automatic and manual changes in multiplier columns. The ones that are manual, are coded across tabs so that once I enter a new multiplier, it is copied from that tab across all future tabs (again, for a one-entry system). Our district has re-written our curriculum map, so once my PLC decides on the order for the LT in our pacing guide, I will complete the final formulas needed to auto-award badges based on test scores from one (or more) LT.

Formative will be used to gain daily XP, but also to house a clickable tracking sheet so students know at a glance which Formatives they still have available to work and earn XP. I also plan to house the Leaderboard and Masteryboards within a Formative for easy access and viewing. Not only will that help spark competition, but it will also provide a set of peer tutors that would be capable of helping a student work through Formatives that will help them practice so they may gain mastery in a specific LT.

I will post these Formatives after our PLC in meeting in late June.


@tricia.mintner two other things that may interest you …

the Vlookup will allow you to automate the entry of scores from a spreadsheet based on e-mail addresses (or whatever you have in place)

These can auto-populate from your already created gradebook. Each student gets his/her own and you only “worry” about the gradebook.

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Holy cow! Mind blown!!

First of all, this is so cool and I would love to be able to get each student their own ‘live’ Sheet with their data.

At this point, I am double entering everything anyway. First in to my district online grade book (RDS-Regional Data Services), and then into my gamification Sheet. Knowing this, I have simplified my Sheet tabs so that I am only working in one tab per Learning Target (test and daily points are on the same sheet.) Once students have tested in that tab, I can either hide it or move it to the end of all my tabs so it can be accessible for retests. I removed the ‘hidden’ totals columns from your Sheet and put those column formulas within the individual tab cells instead. So far, I have housed my entire ranking and badge in one Sheet (that has just under 30 tabs.) So, I will put Vlookup on the back burner for now. [Perhaps this would be good for combining all my classes into one sheet and ranking them that way. Vlookup to copy data into first tab other tabs coded to only copy over certain classes/grade levels.]

The individual info sheet looks awesome. I’m wondering if after all that hard work on the original (that populates tabs for each student), if I should ‘share’ a generic Stats Sheet in Google Classroom and force new copies for students as they click the Sheet. Once populated, I could link the array from MY student Stat Sheet to the Google Classroom sheet. That way, they have a live copy and I would only have to copy data for the students who wish to view their stats that way. [Honestly, I haven’t wrapped my mind around this idea yet. Give me a few days and my brain will start to make sense of it. LOL. It took a few days for the Leaderboard Sheet to sink in and how to set it up for my sole purpose of inspiring kids to want to retake tests.]

Here is what I have so far. (Mintner Leaderboard with Badges DRAFT)


  • Tabs are color-coded (green - I think this is done, red - this still needs a lot of work, yellow - mostly done, only need formulas in yellow-highlighted cells in order to be complete)
  • Leaderboard tab - cannot be completed until I know the ordering and numbering for our Learning Targets after the curriculum map overhaul done recently)
  • I want my students to create/draw the avatars for ranking levels 3 and above, so they are set to default to the same picture right now.
  • Masterboard tab - shows individual mastery for each Learning Target
  • Ranking tab - I haven’t even touched the pivot table yet. I still need to decide what values I want displayed
  • Heraldy - I still need to generate some privileges (that I’m comfortable with that our new administration will support). Any ideas here would be great! I have a feeling that in order to keep my sanity I might need to award physical badges as well so I remember who gets what. Many of my students are so used to having to ‘cheat’ to get what they want that it takes awhile to break the habit.
  • Mastery tab - I want each unit test to ‘jump’ in XP points, so I’ve tagged it orange until we decide on our Learning Target numbers and pacing order.
  • MISC tab - will be anything for which I want to award XP but doesn’t fall into a specific ‘unit.’ Items in this category are automatically bumped up in XP by a self-generating multiplier formula.
  • Prodigy Game tab - students are free to do extra work any day in PG in order to increase their math skills. This tab is to encourage growth mind set via the self-generating multiplier formula as well.
  • MT Masters tab - pulls data from all the other Learning Target tabs onto one sheet. This sheet is what is used to auto-calcuate the number of targets mastered… which is then used to bump up multipliers.
  • Number tabs - one tab per Learning Target (test, retest, daily work). XP is generated separately for tests and daily work. Test XP increases with each learning target (set on the Mastery tab). Multipliers for daily work XP is changed manually (but copied from one tab to all the ones behind it) in order to reward students who do the formative practice work prior to the test.

Mariana - your input is always welcomed and much appreciated!


You have done an amazing amount of work! Super cool.

I am, too :frowning: since the leaderboard is one thing, but I still have to report grades on our LMS (Schoolloop) The individual rank sheets are new and devised as a way for students to be in control of what they want shared (or not) with their peers)

For combining and ranking all your classes into one sheet, when and if the time comes, I actually import just the totals and names into a different sheet, and use a pivot table (Combined Leaderboard) to compile all the data (see global ranking tab within that sheet). Only the top 15 get published to my website (Leaderboard)

The issue that I discovered with this was that the formatting does not remain intact. If you go this route, I would have them force copy the Student Template mentioned in the post, and once they have done that do the whole import array for each. These for me are brand new, and as I’ve been refining I’ve been toying with protecting that initial sheet but having them add a second sheet that they design and publish. For example, they could add their avatars there, have their standing and badges or whatever. I am thinking that this could be cool as they would be in control, but I also have my little ones (5th) that will need a lot of support doing this, so we’ll see.

The ones that I have in mine are ones that my students chose (I literally asked) and from those, that I was actually willing to do and would not go against my school’s policies. You could search for classroom privileges for some other ideas (i.e. Classroom Privileges search).
Re: “remembering who gets what” That is why I added the conditional formatting to the “Perks obtained by rank” portion of the individual student sheets. Things hide and/or appear as they move up depending on what the data states. Even if you do not use the student sheets, you could add a tab to your leaderboard master, import the names and create the conditionals that are tied to the heraldry, so that in the end you would have the list of names and “what they’ve gotten” at a glance.

  • I made a copy of your leaderboard, and added a perks sheet. Within it, I created the conditionals that reference the totals from the leaderboard against the heraldry to display the perk obtained. When the condition is not met, the result is FALSE, so to cover up all the “false results”, I included conditional formatting that checks for the false text and uses the same background and text color (green).
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Thank you so much, Mariana! You have been tremendously helpful during this process. When I first reached out for help I felt so lost and overwhelmed. I knew what I wanted to do, I just didn’t know where to start. Having your Sheet and comments to guide me through the process was the ‘push’ I needed to start pulling things together. I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The Perks tab is great! I think that may be the missing element for how I can incorporate the Digital Badges add-on. I’m hoping that I can write conditional statements based upon the gaming tabs so Ys show up automatically in the Digital Badges tab so all I have to do is click ‘send emails’… and up to 100 emails are sent out. :thinking: It would be great if I could auto-send to parents as well.

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I have not used the add on, but before I added them to my actual sheet I used Flippitynet’s Badge tracker. It won’t e-mail the badges nor will it inform parents, but perhaps something to explore.

That being said, if the add on is “just a spreadsheet” you should be able to add any formula and/or conditional formatting so that whatever you use shows up. In my current sheet (the one you have) badges show up using conditional formulas i.e. (=arrayformula(IF(Badgetally!I2:I36>=61,Badges!I2,"")). The ,"" at the end indicates that if the criteria is not met nothing is displayed.

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I tried the Digital Badges Add-On from within my Sheet and it worked!!! The add on creates a folder to hold all the badges…

it will email students (upon my click) to notify them that they have earned a new badge. .
I’ve been experimenting and I CAN ADD formulas (to copy student names) as well as conditional statements so that it links my already entered data to type a Y (necessary for the add-on to know to send the badge). The only downside is that once the email has been sent and the badge has been copied into the student’s folder, the Y-coding is overwritten with the word ‘copied’. I guess if I create a Master Sheet and then copied it for each class, I could keep from having to enter those conditional statements each semester.

I really like your individual boards, though. Maybe after I get a handle on my gamification system, I can add the individual boards for second semester. I think they would be especially motivating for my ‘off’ semester (repeater) kiddos.


@david @stephanie_howell Love the idea of integrating Goose Chase. My college students LOVE making and participating in Goose Chases. It’s one of my favorite ice breakers for the beginning of the semester.

Another idea–You could even do this with a “Breakout” and Formative. There are tons of digital breakouts out there, too! Check out BreakoutEDU, if you are not already familiar.


What do you use to gamify your classroom? I have only explored Classcraft, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what you use.

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@bjones: I have developed my own system using only Google apps. If you would like to explore what I’ve done (with templates and examples), visit
Some other educators that are also very much into this and that do not use Classcraft: and


Can you share how you create the badges.
I have been wanting to gamify my classroom, I do not know where to begin, our what to do, or where to go.
Is there an easy way to do this?

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Easy is a relative term. LOL

I have compiled all my writings on the subject at

Most people start with some sort of badging and points collection. There isa good post about that from Alice Keeler: and if this is your first foray, you may want to use Flippity’s Badge Tracker -

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I love this idea, I can’t wait to use it in my classroom!

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