Gamification? Thoughts?

Hey all! I am looking to gamifiy my classroom for the end of the year, mainly to help motivate my students and get them to pass the final marking period. Most of them just need a seventy pass the year. I am looking for activities or suggestions to help them pass. Have you gamified the classroom? What works? What doesn’t? I have learned about it in college and actively used is as a student, but I have never actually seen it in action in a high school classroom? Thank you for any insight you may be able to provide!


Hey Devin! This is an interesting question. Using gamification to help motivate students who are in danger of failing is new to me and I’d love to hear any suggestions that @GamificationGBL_Eds or other educators have! Aside from this specific scenario, @mgarcia has shared the gamification portion of her website in the following post, which should provide some good starting points and things to consider:


Hey, Thank you!

I’m trying to figure out something different hopefully this works for this class, I am working to implement it on Monday.



I may be too late to help you get things ready to go for Monday, but a couple things to consider for a quick gamification for the end of the year-

Consider what privileges or prizes would motivate them (ask for help on 1 test question, candy bar/soda, bring in a pillow/blanket on test day, get to wear a hat in class, technology privileges/access they don’t normally get etc…I’m guessing earning a sticker when they get a badge or level up will not motivate your high schoolers like it does for my 6th graders)
Then attach these privileges to your badges or levels. You’ll want to have some of the lower levels easily achievable with the time you have left if they do the required work (maybe they earn XP for getting an 80% or higher on homework, for redoing past assignments/tests they didn’t do well on, etc)
Think of some activities Ss could do outside of the prescribed work to engage with the content that will help them do well on their test.
I was blown away by the amount of students who made accurate “How to make a mummy” video tutorials, recreated artifacts from our ancient civilizations with clay or legos, etc.

Hopefully this was helpful and you can pull together a quick game for your students to compete in as they wrap up the year that will help them earn good grades and that will also be motivating!

Let me/us know if there are any specific questions or ideas you’re looking for.


YES! I love this thank you. I am hoping to get everything done. I like the rewards ideas. You’re right the stickers probably will not motivate them. Although, sometimes, the scented stickers can do something. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!


It is amazing how approaching daily activities and task in the gamer mind set changes things! My 4th students work in “clans” within the group. Students have been working on word problems this week in preparation for our state tests (Word Problems are what our nightmares are made of!) So, this week, students worked together in their small groups, knowing that they were preppeing each other for the assessment this week. The spin, if all clan members showed a strong understanding of the problems and could use strategies, they could earn XP for all clan members. However, all members had to show a level of mastery (I didn’t tell them a grade, but let them imagine!) The team work was amazing! They encouaged and coached, aiming for each team member to be successful. And by the end of the week, students did much better than I expected.

Each team earn 25XP for each student who met expectations.

Students love earning XP points and leveling up! I use ‘ClassCraft’ and just getting xp points excites them!


This is awesome! Thank you so much for this thought! I’m thinking of setting up my classroom in this way if I am teaching the repeater course again because I feel like I might have a chance to get these students on board. These are all great ideas I am going to take into account. Thank you!!

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I would be a kid who made a video to make a mummy:) or one out of clay etc. I really like this idea of motivating them to more and learn outside the classroom. I want put a tack in this :slight_smile:

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Grade is overrated - I say mastery too and they just infer grade:)

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I’ve got several suggestions for you, these are not necessarily end of year specific (In fact - all of them will work all year long!)

  1. Have you tried Classcraft? It is a role playing game that the kids love!
  2. I don’t know what level you teach but my students love to text in answers to questions with PollEverywhere - makes them feel like they are getting away with something! :smile:
  3. Socrative has a game option - never used it but some of the other teachers here do and they really like it.

Good luck!


I agree with you and your idea is work in my high school classes too.
In my case, I give them a sticker/badge when they write a high quality learning journal / high mark in quiz / write a good quality essay / the best presentation in class. When they collect 10 stickers / badges, I will add bonus point to their continue assessment score (which affect their grade on the report).

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I like the tracking idea with the stickers or badges. When they get class points it is almost like leveling up.

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