Gamify your classroom

Hi there wonderful people! I’m a Math educator and EdTech fanatic who has been teaching (and running the school’s basketball team on the side) for the past 13 years. I recently decided to compile a series of tools in my digital portfolio called #GameTheSystem, where I explore various strategies and learning tools to make classroom learning fun, effective and free for all students.

Naturally, I had to do one for Formative and its customised feedback and grading mode. I hope it can serve as a launchpad for educators looking to use this for the 1st time, as well as seasoned educators who are looking to widen their repertoire.

Do let me know what you think, and whether this flipped learning style from Singapore resonates with you in whichever part of the world you hail from.


Great blog! I use Formative as my textbook and I’ve tried to ‘flip’ my classroom this year. Students watch videos I’ve made and take notes as ‘homework’ and then we do lots of problems in class. I love Formative because I tell my students it’s like having a mini-Mintner on their shoulder checking their work. It has significantly reduced the number of times I hear ‘did I do this right’ and ‘can you check my answer’ questions. Now students approach me with ‘I don’t understand how I got this wrong’ instead. I try to set up my GoFos with a gradual release format. The first few problems are multiple choice, so kids can guess if they get it wrong and they get immediate feedback for how they should have worked the problem. In a way, it forces them to get the correct answers on easier problems before they work the more difficult ones. Then I scaffold the next few problems by setting up ‘blanks’ and having students type Short Answer responses to fill in those blanks. Then I ask for the entire answer in Short Answer problems. I try to be conscious of when I use the Show Your Work whiteboards, as they can be time consuming to grade. However, I find it awesome that I can embed a website within a GoFo and then have students take a screenshot and upload the screenshot (showing the pregraded problem) into the SYW whitboard.


Thank you Tricia! I do find it helpful to have all the resources conveniently within one parking lot, and the “i don’t understand how I got it wrong” is an observation I have noticed in my classes too. I think the most significant yet invisible change is the overhaul in their learning approach. Unfortunately, most administrators do not observe and quantify this, and teachers often forego this in their quest for better results.

It’s great to encounter like-minded educators here!