Getting Students Comfortable with Formative

I know that my students need some time to play around with a new tech tool before they start using it on a regular basis (especially if it is tied to their grade).

Here is a Practice Formative I made that lets the students play around with some of the different ways they can show their work. (It is made with a Math background, but with skills that were very much a review for them).

It was a low pressure way for them to explore how to use the different tools and to see what getting feedback will look like for them.


That was awesome! thanks!

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Great idea, I use SMART goals in my class, so to introduce Formative I transferred the goal sheet over to Formative in order to let students get familiar with the platform with material that they were used to. Here is my template: My expectations and goals


I liked your idea. This is a great formative to introduce the students using Formative the first time. I made that blunder on my first Formative, which was a vocabulary quiz, bad planning on my part. I now schedule as part of my first few days of introduction, a Flipped Classroom “Boot Camp”, where I will introduce Formative, Edpuzzle, Wizer, Flipgrid, Quizziz, Quizlet, Thinglink, Padlet and the rest of my interactive classroom resources. I am scripting a formative on how to do that now, so the kids can use it as a reference.

Idea 1: Love it as a warm up. Its short and you can get a really quick look at student knowledge. Since its easy to make, I can post it right in Google Classroom.

Idea 2: : I think I will do a few things to modify your Formative idea (like Niko suggested, use as an introduction to class rules and expectation). I think on the first day of class issuance of their Chromebooks (it will be a great way to end the first week of instruction and gauge anything I need to again go over at the beginning of the week.

Here were some ideas, as I looked over how to use your idea in my own Formative. How does having students draw, use an emoji, or take a picture using the Chromebook (embed image) or write in the box.

Where is the list of classroom expectations posted (kids could either take a picture or write where it is located.
Where is the fire escape plan located? Embed a Fireman image into the box
What do you as part of your first learning action of the day? (Look at the “We will and I will for lesson expectation of the day).
What is one “Good Thing”, you’d like to share with class (part of Capturing Kids Heart” program. Place a happy smile and your thought down in the box.
Where do you go to delete all your past emails in Google Suite?: Copy a Google Email image to show you have cleaned your box out"
Where do you go to find past assignments that are missing? (answer Skyward or Google Classroom)

Again great idea and I will adapt it. Thanks!


Great idea! I trained many of the teachers in my school for how to introduce formative to their classes. We started very small with the basics and a practice formative. After logging them all in (which was only a pain because they were just learning their passwords) I was very impressed with how well the students picked up on all the tools.

One thing I found effective after exposing several classes was not making it content related at first. They didn’t have to worry about what they knew or did not know and could just learn the features!