Getting Students to complete formatives

My plan for this was to assign as an extension to a lesson or a homework assignment, but if not done as part of a grade it is not taken seriously or in some cases done, any thoughts. I want to use this as the name says a formative assessment to help shape what i do.


Maybe try making this a part of a class game/competition. They can earn “experience points” for completing it - maybe more points if a certain number are correct?
My 6th graders are still highly motivated by stickers - so this is an easy reward with basically no prep that can keep them completing the daily work.

You could also do “rewards” or “privelidges” for when students complete a certain amount of formatives. (On Fridays if they have turned in completed formatives each time they can bring in headphones and listen to music during work time, they earn a mint or can chew gum…maybe if the whole class completes all the formatives they can choose their work space on Friday (if your class normally has assigned seats))


thanks those are great suggestions that I will give try