Getting to Know Our Students - Student Interest Survey

My team is using this survey, along with other surveys, to learn more about our students’ interests. Previously, students have completed this survey paper/pencil but we are excited about how Formative will allow us to process the data more efficiently and have it accessible in one place. I am currently exploring the add-on AutoCrat to create a mail merge of the data. If anyone has tips on using AutoCrat, I would greatly appreciate your expertise.


This is awesome, Laurie! I like how your questions seek to understand a lot of different aspects of students (interests, aspirations, values, social dynamics…)! I think that the Short Answer question type is a great pic for all of them. I was also thinking that it might be fun to choose a Show Your Work question for some of the later ones (ex: what things have you collected in the past?) and allow students to share their responses by uploading pics, creating draws, or making collages. This would be great for making things visual if you are projecting responses and letting students share what they’ve created!

Also, I hadn’t heard of Autocrat before, but it looks interesting! I’d love to hear the survey goes and if you end up using Autocrat to merge the data :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback David. I love the suggestions you made about having students show their work or uploading pictures. I haven’t had the opportunity to explore Autocrat yet but it’s still on the list of things to explore.

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