Giving feedback

I looked through the forum and didn’t find anyone else suggesting this as a feature, so I’ll add it here…

I found that I can go through and grade all the questions of one student’s formative in one place, but I can’t give any feedback. Like in the screenshot, I go through and just give points for each answer, but for the answer that is only half correct, I’d like to be able to give feedback in this screen instead of having to go find that answer, click on it, then give feedback.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 5.44.21 PM

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If you click on a specific question for a student there are arrows on the question number that will let you quickly move through a students responses and give feedback.
Screenshot from 2020-04-27 21-30-03

Not the same as the feature you’re describing, but could help.

Yep…I already knew how to give feedback. I just want to be able to give feedback in that space in the screenshot. I think it’s easier to grade when I can just go down the line and give a grade instead of grade, click, grade, click, grade, click.

Would love a feature that would allow me to give feedback or a comment to all students at once. Great question.

I too would like this feature and the one mentioned by Isincavage. If students could be notified when I have graded their work or left a comment that also would be wonderful.