Go formative and Chromebooks

Go formative has become the go-to tool for Math teachers in my school whose students have access to Ipads. Unfortunately, staff in the elementary grades whose students only have access to chrome books are reluctant to use them, expressing the following;

" We’ve played around with Formative on the Chromebooks and it feels limited since they can’t draw on the screen. Sixth graders using a mouse pad to draw can be disastrous!"

Can anyone help me help them get past this hurdle? If you use Chrome I would love to hear and share your experiences. You can list them by replying, emailing me myersl@lasd.k12.pa.us, or sharing a tweet @MrMyersMAMS.

Thank you and stay safe.

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My HS students use GoFormative, and yes there is a little difference between 6th and HS, but honestly not much. At least 6th graders are a little more moldable. Students are way more tech savvy then we think they are…if they take the time to watch the video.
Here’s the video I made for my students.

I am going to make an assignment at the beginning of the year for my students where they have to do several tech things without there being any math involved.


Video was great. I posted it on our school PD discussion board.


I am glad it was helpful.

Aside from the picture tip that @erin-rose.schneider, the students can also use whatever application they wish to “draw out” their answers, and follow a similar process of download and upload to formative. All of my students use chromebooks and use that whenever they feel that using the “limited” drawing tools on formative does not allow them to convey their ideas.

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My school opted for the Chromebook where students can ‘draw’ on the screen with a pencil!! It’s awesome. Its a Lenovo 300e Chromebook.

Since yours is not touch screen, I’ve been told that paper, but into quarters, is the perfect size to take a pic with the computer camera. My students have also uploaded pics from their phones into Formative.


I wish we had Lenovo 300e!!
Instead of taking a screen shot of the pic on the screen… just select the pencil icon on top right & crop the actual picture. It saves as cropped. Then add to Formative!

Go formative just needs a camera button. I’d be sold on it if it did. It’d almost be easier with what we have now to just have kids open a Google Doc use the insert image with camera feature there and then link the doc with their pictures.


I did just this. I created multiple assignments for the first week and a half of school and I had them do various things that were not just math based. (It is important to note that I teach Special Education Math students and typically need additional time for concepts.) This time was well spent and paid dividend throughout the semester. They used the doodle features, imported pictures they took as well as images that they found online (Mayor, Governor, school pic).

The newer feature of being able to take a photo within the show your work space has also saved time and frustration for all involved. If they do not have a phone, they have been able to hold it up and take a pic using the chromebook camera.

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Hi Ethan. I completely agree with you. A camera would be perfect as you can see your students faces when submitting some speaking assignments. By having students record themselves, we can make sure they are the ones submitting the assignment. Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Seydie, I hope we can really dial in the video and recording aspect of go formative for next year I think i would be awesome!

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