GoFormative in Science

Hello everyone!

I currently have used GoFormative to assess knowledge using pre-labs, to gain prior knowledge and as an extension tool for my stations. Are there any other creative ways that you have used them in your own science classrooms? I am always looking to grow! :slight_smile:



I give students worksheets and check their work using the open draw feature.

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In states of matter, I have students draw the particle pictures. In pH calculations I have students show their work. In molar mass, I have them show how they added all the mass together. It quicker and faster than turning in a worksheet and checking over night.


I have used it to create CER assessments. By uploadind a document, graph or video link, and asking students to make a claim, provide their evidence and reasoning. I like to do it for similar phenomena before and after a unit to assess how they can apply what they have learned.

I usually make one question for for each… claim, evidence and reason.


I am new to Formative but as I am slowly discovering all its capabilities, I am planning on using the show your work option so my first year (college) students can take a photo of their chemistry pre-lab assignment (answers are in their lab notebook) during the first 10 minutes of the class. Since the submitted work is time-stamped, I can see if one submitted the work after or during the lab. We do a lot of wet chemistry exeriments and electronic devices are not allowed in the lab space and spending time fiddling with laptops or phones or tablets to answer questions at the beginning will reduce the time the students need to do the experiment of the day, so I had to rethink of another way and show your work might be the answer! I think this will work! Pre-lab assignment is not graded per-se but I would like to be able to monitor it without requiring me to collect and grade notebooks (at the beginning or end of class). I hope the uploading process is seamless and students will be able to do it in a few minutes. I am thinking of providing feedback to students’ work as well and I believe I can do that while I am in the lab!

To those who are already familiar with Formative, I am wondering if this will be a good idea?

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I think you are on the right track. I am curious is it a school rule about no devices during labs? it seems like that would be a great way to collect and record data with visuals about the labs you are doing. You could also require the pre labs to be done the night before to optimize class time as well.