Goformative into wordpress

How do I embed a lesson or a quiz into a webpage that uses wordpress ?

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I don’t use WordPress, but I do have a question: Are you trying to embed a Formative into your WordPress, or, trying to embed the WordPress into Formative? It will help the ‘experts’ determine how to answer your question. :slight_smile:

I am trying to embed a goformative into wordpress.

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I found this site that might help. https://optimizerwp.com/wordpress-embed-guide/

if I understand it correctly, you would just copy the URL from your GoFo and paste it into WP and it would create the embed code. HINT: Make sure you are on the EDIT tab in your formative assignment and copy that URL. The others have extra ‘stuff’ at the end to show results and specific problems. The EDIT tab has the simplest URL and it directs the kids straight to the assignment.