GoFormative needs a search function

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A while back, there was a thread for search your own formatives, but unfortunately nothing happened.


With content shifting grade level or being cycled through, being able to search formatives is a desperate need for me. I’m in the pit of despair, recreating things from scratch that I know I have because it is faster than trying to sift through all the formatives I have, even though they are arranged in folders by grade level and topic.

The same need arises when I am looking for formatives that I have created and that someone from my PLN asks me for as examples of how to use Formative.

I do not think I am alone in this need. Please add your voice to this thread so we can present a united front.


Yes, yes, yes, please! Prettyplease! Cheers from Switzerland.

As I get more of Formatives I too have recreated one that I later find I have already made cause I couldn’t find it before.


I second this nomination. LOL For awhile, I could open a folder and CTRL+F and it would highlight that word in the title. Now that doesn’t even work. :confused:Being able to ‘tag’ formatives with key concepts or phrases would be VERY helpful.

I couldn’t agree more! I would love this!

Thank you all for chiming in here. Some great news is that a search bar for teachers and students is something we’re actively working on as we speak.

I don’t have an ETA that I give but I will be sure to send an update once its ready.


Students can search! Teachers will be able to soon.