GoFormative sending results to third-party embedded tools

Has anyone had success with GoFormative sending the results back to third-party tools you embed? For example, if I embed Flipgrid, can I view students’ videos in my teacher flipgrid account? Or if they do an EdPuzzle, do the results get recorded on EdPuzzle? Trying to test but wondering if anyone else had already done so and could report. Thanks!


Short answer: Yes, but…

Since it’s embedded, the students are working on the site from WITHIN Formative. The only
problem I’ve found is that sometimes it’s difficult for students to login to that site in it’s embedded form. If they log into that embedded site you WILL be able to see the data on your end of that site.


Hi Tricia, have you experienced any issues with embedding sites within goformative within the last 6 months? I am getting errors such as this: firefox help page not all that helpful, just looking for confirmation that problem is only my infrastructure. i think its a security thing that websites have recently implemented with x-frames to prevent clickjacking? NOTE: I set firefox to ignore x-frame headers and it works.

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Sorry for the late response. I haven’t used Formative this school year. I have ESL students this year and revamping all my old Formatives to account for other languages became too time consuming or impossible. My school doesn’t pay for the premium features, so the ones David had given me for being super active on this site were revoked when his replacement took over.

Anyway, the biggest issue my students had was forgetting to sign into the embedded site. I think they assumed they were already signed in. We have chrombooks, so we use Chrome instead of FireFox. Glad you found a way around the xFrames. :slight_smile:

Following… I want to use Edpuzzle with Formative as well.