#Goformative Slow Chat - What are your favorite Formative features?

Last night @Lisa_Scumpieru, @Danielle_Moore and I hosted the #goformative chat. We invite you all to jump into/continue the conversation in this slow chat.


One of my favorite features is the “Show Your Work” feature. It really helps me see the students truly thinking outside of the box and making connections. I usually follow up with asking them why they placed the images/drawings into the “Show Your Work” and I get great insight into their learning and thinking this way.


Show your work is one of my favorites, too. In science, I use it for students to create diagrams, with a table background for students to collect data and a graph background for students to discover trends in their data. One of my favorite activities is this Classification of Objects in the Solar System - https://goformative.com/clone/ELRUNH


A tie for first place for me is the embed/text block feature. This allows me to create so many different lessons for my students


Continuing the discussion from #Goformative Slow Chat - What are your favorite Formative features?:

I really love all the features, I am not able to say which I preffer, they are all so useful for our job and so fascinating for our students’ learning. I am glad I joined formative.


I also love the show your work. It allows me to project the student work on the screen and we can discuss the steps. My students like to see student work and it doesn’t call out a student because I can hide their names.

My students’ writing has also improved and they are writing in more detail.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE show your work. I am a virtual teacher, so I can’t actually see what my students are doing (or not doing). Show your work is a great way for me to “walk around” the classroom to see that everyone is on task and understanding the task.


Hey Rachel, it was great to meet you yesterday! I love Show Your Work as well and can definitely imagine it being a great way to tap into student thinking within that setting and spark great discussions about learning.

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