GoFormative vs Google Forms

My school is considering the premium plan. There are a lot of teachers that are curious about the benefit of having GoFormative and how it is different from Google Forms. I am 100% sold on GoFormative and I use it daily. I am wondering if anyone has a list of comparisons.


Formative is not comparable to Google Forms at all (IMHO). Not even close. I think you just do a demo with teachers and they will see the value.
I started using Formative when I saw that I could take a quiz I had already written, upload, and tag the questions. Then I could grade everything on one screen, give everyone full points while just scrolling for wrong answers, and type in feedback. That sold me and I showed just those features to teachers in my district and small groups - now it is used district wide.
And now I have learned about many other features; my favorite for check-ins during an activity is the categorize type of question. I prewrite student statements about the physics they are learning, and at the check-in students go to formative and categorize them.


I have been a Formative user for many years now. What is the advantage of Formative over Google Forms, both allow you to modify and make duplicate copies. I find that Formatives just give me much more control over student monitoring and feedback.

Formatives advantage is in the reports. In Google Forms, you download a Google Sheet of your student’s answers. Sure Google Sheets do have some advantages, but you can run a CSV file off of Formative as well for grade reporting. The Google Form is typically managed by the time hack that the student completes the form. In Formative, your report can be seen on the Tracker. You can also manage them via each Formative. Students who don’t complete the Formative can be asked to complete where they left off if they had not submitted the form. You can also track those who have not completed the formative, whereas Google Form will require you to find your student name using a Google query.

I also find that changing grade values easy in Formative and or changing the question much easier in Formative rather than Google Form.

The only Google Forms I now use are based solely on Google “Breakout” activities. Most of my primary resource document reviews in history are Formative based and now as a Tech Application teacher, Formative is my main assessment tool and lesson introduction platform.

As I said these are just a few advantages of Formative over Google.


The big thing for me is that GoFormative allows you to tag Standards with each question asked.


To add to what others have said - the fact that Formative offers so many more question types and has the ability to import nearly anything is important. You can probably figure out how to do it in forms, but Formative offers so much more flexibility. The “show your work” feature is also pretty powerful. When we adopted Formative, the biggest concern teachers had that there wasn’t a great answer for was that Forms offers locked quizzes, but Formative doesn’t have a similar ability. It will notify you if students copy and paste though. The staff that were really concerned about test integrity just don’t use Formative for assessments. I’d argue that if the answers are directly Google-able then maybe you should rethink the questions, but that’s a whole different thing.

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The number one thing for me is the cloud saving. We all have a diverse group of learners who work at different speeds. GoFormative allows them to start and finish the next day or as homework. It also has a much more robust data return. Someone above mentioned no kiosk mode but I actually think that is a feature you can purchase. It’s a more engaging and use friendly interface.