Grade Tracking Issue

I am having some issues with scores not updating. In the picture, it shows a student who has received a score for an assignment, but that score does not show up in the tracker tab.

I have refreshed the page several times. I have checked back after several intervals of time thinking maybe the server needed to update. It will not register his score. I have changed the score hoping maybe it will force an update to the tracker page. Nope. I am worried that there are more issues like this. I have twenty or more assignments with 160 students. I do not want to check every single score to verify it. Am I missing sometihng? Thank you for your help.
Edit: After reading some posts, I want to also make it clear that I have the correct date range selected.

Is there someone I can speak to about this issue? I have found more instances of it occurring. Our school year is ending soon I am worried about the accuracy of the scores. It would be nice to get a response. At least I would have a some sort of way to address it moving forward.

Hi there,

Can you send me the URL of the formative?

Do you mean a copy of the Formative?


Thank you for your help.

I took a look and I see the score correctly for that student in the tracker, can you try reloading? Is there another instance where this is occuring?

I noticed the discrepancy in scores usually occurred when I found a 0 score on the tracker tab. I went through my scores again there were no other errors except this one:

Is this something that I can account for. I mean can I change a setting or do something differently?

Sorry here is the url:

Thank you for the addressing the issue.

I have been using Formative since November and it has been happening since then periodically. It’s been especially frustrating since we started distance learning. I have been in contact with Formative many times. They said that it is on their end and they are aware of it. They are trying to figure it out, but thus far it hasn’t been solved.

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I am not sure why it happens, but it causes me a bit of stress when talking to parents about their child’s progress on my Formative assignments.

Hello, I just starting using GoFormative for the first time yesterday. It was very user friendly for the students. I watch them sign in and completing the test through GoGuardian. However; after submitting their test, some of them did not have a score…is this the same as tracker? I don’t have a score next to their name. I am missing 25 scores and I have to make them retake it.

Please advise on how I can find these missing scores or trackers.


Hi @Grace_Cao it sounds like you might be looking at the wrong formative results, perhaps? If you contact and let them know which Formative (send the URL) this is occurring on, they should be able to help you out.

Thank you Formative Team for your quick reply. Now I know why the trackers were missing and where to look for them. Great result for my Friday!

Again, Thank you!