Gradebook option

Could there be a gradebook added to GoFormative? I would love to be able to have the option to add to a gradebook, and include other assignments that aren’t on Go Formative.

Thank you.


Or link the formatives to the Google classroom gradebook!


I agree that having GoFormative work with the gradebooks we use would be great. Is there a way to create a spreadsheet that we could then import into different gradebooks? Is this something that is being worked on?

That is a good advice!

I believe they now have what they are calling Classroom Passback or something like that… it allows you to pass back scores into Google Classroom. My only question with that is that when you leave a question on Formative as 1 pt, you get a sliding scale that is based on the standards criteria you setup. If you make a question a higher value such as 4 points, then the slider goes away. I haven’t used this passbook feature yet, but would like to hear form those that have and how it might work with different point values.