Graphic Novels in the ELA Classroom

As a part of the Contemporary Lit course I teach, we study graphic novels. We begin by learning and working with the elements of a graphic novel, analyzing multiple examples, and then eventually students creating their own mini-graphic novel.

I used this GoFormative the last time I taught it, and it seemed to go fairly well. (I added the Gene Yang video recently, so that wasn’t originally there - it was only the Persepolis panel and the questions at the end.)

I’m curious if others out there have used GoFormative with graphic novels and how they’ve utilized other tools/options inside GF to amplify graphic novels and our study of them. Ideas??


Yes, I have used GoFormative for the Graphic Novel “Drowned City” with my 10th graders. Here are the formatives: Of course, I did other things with them during the readings, but this was for me to check their comprehension and reading of not only the text, but the images.


Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to check out “Drowned City” as well!


It’s really interesting. It is about Hurricane Katrina. I taught that graphic novel during the first few weeks of school. I felt it showed me the type of readers students were and also made them realize to look deeper than the surface when reading. Have a great day!

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