Graphing in Formative

IXL, Delta Math … These apps I use, and I know they both have the ability to do what I REALLY WANT formative to do.
The “show your work” option for graphing in go formative is time consuming for students to be accurate with. And difficult to work with.
I want to assess students ability to graph, not their ability to type an equation in and have desmos graph it for them. I know that technology exists that allows you to click a point and another point and the line goes through them and beyond them. Then the students are doing the work and I can assess their ability to create an appropriate graph …
Please get this ability into go formative. Then it will be perfect!
Thank you for listening.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss. This. All of this. They need immediate feedback, and it’s time consuming for them and for me to use the “show your work” tool. Their touch screens are clumsy at best, and uploading pictures of every graph is tedious. I would LOVE to see the capability that I see in IXL or Khan Academy - or even on many pre-completed Desmos teacher assignments - to manipulate a line on a graph until it matches a formula.


This would be amazing! Additionally, it would be nice if they could graph inequalities in a similar way, where they could choose a dotted or solid line and add in the shading.


Yes! This would be beyond awesome! It would also further the usefulness as a practice tool for students with regards to the Florida State Assessments. Right now, I’m having students draw their graphs on graph paper and then upload a picture. However, these are sometimes hard to read (works OK on an iPad, almost impossible to zoom in well on a laptop), and I’m getting some students on some assignments (using the Show Your Work item type) where it is not uploading the photo for some reason, even after reopening GoFormative and/or restarting their student iPads.

This would be so incredible to add a better option for graphing than what exists! Thank you for bringing this up!

Yesss! Right now graphing requires Show Your Work questions. I would like my students to have instant feedback. IXL has the same type of graphing abilities as state testing and it would be great to have that feature here :slight_smile:

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