Graphing Practice Formative

I posted last night about using Formative for graphing practice using the show your work tool. I just wanted to share what we created fro some of our remediation students. It is only three questions that we used as a warm up to determine who needed additional help and who could move on. I thought it might be useful to some. Let me know if you have any other ideas to share when it comes to graphing and interactivity.
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Looks very nice! I have one suggestion: I would consider adding the questions on top if the whiteboards or include them as pictures, this would alleviate the short term memory problems some kids might have.

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Great idea! I did not even think of that. I will be sure to do that next time.


Great array of different slopes and intercepts. The ability for students to annotate and draw on graphs is so cool!

I do have a suggestion though. What about adding some thinking questions at the top/middle or bottom of the formative? Questions such as… “How many x and y-intercepts do the graphs above have? Why is this true?” “What makes the graph go up the right vs. up to the left?” “How does the slope-intercept form of a graph allow us to graph a linear equation easily?”
Answering with words allows students to process a little more deeply than just “doing the math required”. They become owners of the knowledge vs. machines that can just do the work. (well, that is at least what I say to my students :smile:)

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