Great chat on Monday night with guest Moderator Maureen Hayes

Looking to keep the conversation going, What kinds of insights do you pull together to begin informing your instruction and differentiating learning?

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I try to find out my students identities. First, things that are in the “system” ELL, SPED, Gifted, etc. Then I start observing my students to see how they interact with others. Can they express their thoughts in a group, team or with a partner. Then I try to see if anyone is doodling or reading so I can use those interests in how I teach and assess. I through in some short videos for introduction or content to see if everyone’s interest is captured or if some students check out. I do activities with drawing like sketchnotes and artistic challenges to see if this is yet another way I can “find” a student. I also give them assessments online when I can like Multiple Intelligence.
I have a few "Who am I " and “Wellness” activities I always try to do. They help me strategically & covertly find out where students are emotionally. I find knowing their emotional state is one of the most important things to find out. For me it all starts at the bottom rung of Maslow’s Hierarchy.

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I think this is a great place to get started when getting to know your students and figuring out if they have what they need to learn. I also really like your focus on assessing soft skills and using observation as a means of discovering student interests.